The search continues (try not to panic)

May 14, 2011

It’s truly amazing how things can change from sending an e.mail or a quick tweet.  The buzz of rapid response takes a shape of its own and can become overwhelming and almost impossible to control and reign  in.  Once it’s out in cyber space there’s no knowing how it will develop.  I started the week with two potential participants and ended up with  too many to choose from.  Although I should be pleased about this and embrace the influx of response I instead started to panic.  I wanted to interview all potential participants but realised this would not be impossible so I decided to conduct a questionnaire on survey monkey.  This meant that I could decide from their responses who would be the best suited for the course.  Please check out my questionnaire here: Andy’s questionnaire.   If you have students who would be interested then please give them the link.

Since receiving responses to my questionnaire I am unsure whether students will be able to dedicate enough time to the course and whether their internet connection and computer will be powerful enough to use Second Life.  I am also concerned about the logistics of making sure that all students will be able to meet together in Second Life due to the different time zones and whether there are restrictions in certain countries to actually access Second Life.  More importantly I’m apprehensive about whether my course will be able to satisfy the diversity of participants individual  needs and expectations from the course.

I should be rejoicing rather than panicking about the amount of interest in my course.  I’m sincerely grateful for all my friends on Facebook spreading the word and in particular Gabriela, Sunny and Tracy who have been extremely supportive and managed to find me several interested candidates.  Sunny sent my e.mail to over 400 students at her University in China and I was floored with the amount of e.mails sent to my inbox.  Thankfully the questionnaire I created has made it more manageable to choose.  Since making this blog available for everyone to see I have had an immense amount of support and was really grateful for Nicky Hockly and Shelly Terrell for spreading the word and tweeting about my blog.  It’s astonishing how twitter is such a powerful tool to create a buzz and connection with other practitioners.  It really makes you feel that  there are people interested and the sense of community encourages me to continue.


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