Stay Focused

May 12, 2011

I met my with my dissertation tutor to discuss my ideas and proposal for the dissertation.  She was very encouraging and gave me some great advice.  We decided that instead of relying on participants for feedback  that I would instead focus on my own thoughts and reflections as a form of data.  I was unaware that this would be a possibility but I thought that it would be highly beneficial to concentrate on my feelings throughout the process.  This is where this blog takes centre stage.  I intend to use this place as a factual log which will detail what I do and what happens when I take certain actions.  It will become an introspective account which I intend to critically analyse  and consider how what I actually do in practice relates to theory.  This journal will focus on evaluating Salmon’s five stage model of an e-moderator(See below).  As this is my first time as an e-moderator I will use her framework as a scaffold to accompany me through the process.  I’m really interested to see how accurate her model is and notice if it can effectively translate into a language learning setting.  My title will be ‘A critical evaluation of an e-moderation process’.  It’s now time to make sure I can actually get some participants.

To do list:

  • write 2 pages of literature review
  • Get participant confirmations
  • Start reflective blog
Salmon’s Five Stage Model
Salmon, G. (2004) E-Moderating: The Key to Teaching and Learning Online (2nd ed.).  London: Routledge.

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