Calling all practitioners

May 12, 2011

This is a call to all ESL practitioners to assist me in giving my course a rigorous evaluation so that I can give it a brand spanking make over before going live in June.  This is my first attempt at making a course on-line and I really need all the constructive criticism you can provide.  I’m going to conduct the course in June and use it as a platform to reflect on the process of e-moderating.  Again It’s my first time teaching on-line so I welcome any support and advice during the process.  I’m hoping to post regularly and use my reflections to support my dissertation.  I really want to explore the process of e-moderating and hope to improve my practice as the course develops.

I recently received a very kind e.mail from Russell Stannard who gave me some very important pointers to think about:

  • Good idea to allocate a reader/readers to each blog. So the students who make a blog always know they are writing for someone. I suggest at least one reader but preferably more.
  •  I am not so sure that I would have used a Wiki as well as a blog. I think that sometimes brining in so many tools can be a bit confusing. So I bring in blogs into one of my courses and then Wiki into the second module rather than introduce them in the same module.
What do you think?  Do too many tools spoil the course?  and should I replace the Wiki and concentrate on the blog?  Wiki or no Wiki that is the question.
I’m really interested in what everyone thinks.  Please could you take the time to look at my blog below and offer any advice.
ESL Imaginarium On The Go…… 

I also wonder what your opinions are on the following questions:

  1. What are students beliefs and perceptions about learning within an online language learning community?
  2. What role does the teacher have in supporting and facilitating an OLL community?
Thank you in advance.  I would be very grateful if you could spread the word and hope you can follow my journey.

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