Spreading the word

May 10, 2011

Thankfully my perseverance paid off and I started to receive some encouraging e.mails from practitioners and potential participants.  Two friends in Japan were very interested in taking part in the course and thought that it would be an exciting experience but at the same time they  were concerned that it may take too much time to contribute.  I replied by reassuring them that it would be a flexible course and was purposely build for busy people who don’t have much time to practice English due to their demanding lifestyles.

As you all know the Royal Wedding this month was an occasion celebrated all over the world.  I have to say that I was amazed at the surge of royalist support and instead of joining this joyous atmosphere I decided instead to spend my time wisely working on my last assignment with the royal snoozefest on the tv in the background.  While this event was happening my father was attending one of the many street parties occurring all over the world in celebration of the Royal wedding.  With a background of champagne flowing, dainty cupcakes and copious amounts of red white and blue bunting my father talked with Elizabeth who is an ESL teacher with over 30 years experience teaching in Germany.  From this chance encounter I have been in daily contact with Elizabeth and she has provided me with several interested Germans who are looking forward to participating  in my course.  It is these moments that put some much-needed energy back into your project and I am now starting to feel that my research is  becoming a reality.


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